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Poetry Contest Entry

The Midas Touch
Artist - Peter Sharpe

Beyond Our Stars

~By Riker1

To my future wife who is my life, my reason for being,
I lay with you here with open arms
and pray that we'll keep this moment,
Close to our hearts as we gaze across the night
and past the stars that light forever's love.

Through all the voyages of space you are the Queen.
Of all the humans who explore the unknown,
You are the beautiful treasure they try to discover.

I see the night sky but all I care is about is you,
With your soft touch and voice so carefree,
I know wherever I am, when I think of you,
Is when I'm truly home.

Here we lay underneath eternity,
With destiny guiding our lives,
But are together because of love,
We are together because of this moment.

The nebula from last month's mission through the cluster,
Gave sight of colorful rays of light that shine upon
the hull and portray a spark of the wonders of space.
Those rays of wonder do not compare to your beauty
and I would give up traveling the stars for even a brief
touch of your lips on mine.

This moment is one of many that makes us whole,
One of many that makes us love,
One of many that makes up life,
And teaches us to charish each other and keep
looking past our stars.

For I lay next to you and I see my star
which shines on no other but yours.

I hope and pray that soon someday our stars
will become one and be the brightest in the night sky.
But me dear until that time,
my star will shine on yours
and yours on mine lighting eac hother's hearts.

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