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Poetry Contest Entry

2000 Light Years From Home
Artist - Unknown
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What A Time I Live In

~By Amanda Sielu Paris

There was a time
When the first man went in orbit above Earth
The first man landed on the moon
The first man stepped on another planet

There was a time
When we were held from space by our allies
Our first Starfleet ship took flight at only warp five
Leaving behind disease, poverty, and yesterday

There was a time
When Klingons had no ridges
The Prime Directive was a suggestion
And communicators resembled cell phones

I live in a different time
When Vulcans can't tame the human spirit
Q can't duplicate what intrigues him so
The Borg can't put the real us into a drone

And what a time I live in
Heroes get their just rewards
Curiosity has her own fleet of ships
Greed has no place among our stars

Russia may have beat everyone into space
Captain Archer may have disagreed with T'Pol
But itís all come down to today
A time I live in

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