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Artist - Unknown
© Paramount

Spot’s Ode to Data

~By Dark Star

Homo Roboticus is your scientific name,
Though as Commander Data, you are known as just the same.
With strong striking features and of above average stature,
A bipedal life form, mechanical by nature.

The sophisticated complexities that are your neural net,
Allow your limbs and head to move, and will not rust when wet.
Stronger than a Vulcan, by at least ten times, or more,
Your sheer brute strength can overpower, even the most obstinate door.

Judging from your structure, I have come to ascertain,
Your physical and mental speeds, no human could obtain.
Scientists have long sought to duplicate in vain,
The engineering feat that is your positronic brain.

Oh Data, you have demonstrated the extent of your luminosity,
Though you look upon aspects of life, with a child’s curiosity.
Your unsurpassed abilities have started many a rumour,
None seem to mention family, or your terrible sense of humour

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