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Poetry Contest Entry

Bronze life-size memorial of a vietnam soldier
Artist - Richard Masloski
© richard@masloski.com

My Father The Hero

~By Windigo

Looking up into his eyes,
I see the sadness of his life.

Sacrificing himself not once, but twice.
Not even concerned about the price.

An innocent boy sent off to war.
Deceived by the country he was fighting for.

Unaware of the priceless cost.
Ruined his dreams and innocence lost.

Sacrificing himself for America’s fate, to come home to a country
awarding him nothing but hate.

This young boy still lost back at war,
still doubts what he gave himself for.

Now a grown Man, his honor unmentioned.
Forgotten in time like an unknown legend.

Unable to forgive the guilt in his heart.
The Viet Nam War tore his whole life apart.

Never taught how to begin to heal,
his feelings invalidated not able to feel.

Still lost back in Nam, a boy all alone.
Still waiting to be thanked and welcomed back home.

Again he’s dragged back into war.
This time he believes in what he’s fighting for.

He’s dedicated his life to being a good father.
Fighting at war again protecting his daughter.

He’s done more in life, than most men could do.
That’s why I see a hero in you.

We’ve had a close relationship from the start.
Remember Dad I love you with all of my heart.

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