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Artist - Unknown
H&S Publishing, LLC


~By Sephiroth

Why don't you stay just one more day,
Together we'll while the hours away,
Laughing we'll run hand in hand,
Beneath the sun, across the sand,

Why don't you stay just for a while,
So I can get lost in your smile,
Together we'll lie under the stars,
Just one more night we can call ours,

Why don't you stay just 'til the fall,
With you time flies in no time at all,
We'll cast our sails and head to sea,
To drift along, just you and me,

Why don't you stay for the new year,
Do you know I always want you near,
By firelight we'll watch snow fall,
With you I want to share it all,

Why don't you stay with me forever,
You know we're meant to be together,
Make my deepest dreams come true
Let me show the world to you

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