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Poetry Contest Entry

Mona Lisa
Artist - Leonardo Da Vinci
Leonardo Da Vinci

Mona's Mystery Smile

~By Melody Lee-Carte

Each night the sun goes down, the doors of the Louvre are closed
Mona Lisa steps from her chair, looks for a change of clothes

No more glaring and staring, by strangers who never stay
Tonight her journey will begin, So there's no time for delay

She pins up her long black hair, leaves her scarf behind
Getting out to see the world, Is all she has on her mind

She looks at the street lights, Rose colored is what they seem
Everything's a wonderful mystery, As though she were in a dream

She is coming upon a tower, With a beauty she can't define
Then she visits a cabaret, She's dancing and drinking wine

Wonders that surround her, In this enchanted place
Fills her heart with excitement, puts a smile upon her face

Dawn is soon approaching, To her chair she must return
But no one can remove her smile, or all the things she's learned

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