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Poetry Contest Entry

Glowing Angel
Artist - Unknown
© Unknown

Angel In The Chasm

~By Ezrichea

Climbing through the chasm of my own self-righteousness, I discovered a being so placid she glowed.

Before I could think, I screamed for that being to leave me in peace and continued my path.

Along the way, I would glance back to find that her deep, dark eyes had never left my progress.

I was overcome, despaired and humiliated, and I lashed out at that horrible being…and she absorbed me in one breath, one sweet, silky bath of pure warmth and emotion.

So now here I sit, my placid eyes glowing and searching the mouth of the chasm, happily.

My beautiful angel has sadly but sweetly left me to my task of helping the next who happens along.

Eyes placid and loving, being aglow, I watch and await my release so I too can be free through another.

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