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Poetry Contest Entry

The New York of the Future as Imagined in 1911
Artist - Richard Rummell

The Unknown

~By Dommy (DaSilly - Wan)

What will it bring,
The Time that comes, which we name "the future"

A time of happiness and love,
Without wars or killing.

Or A time of Hate and darkness,
With pain and sore everywhere.

A Time of Flying cars and new technology,
Designed to help the human Race.

Or A Time, where horse and wagon will again be,
A transport for those who have the status.

A Time in which space is our knowledge,
Which we gained true exploration.

Or A Time where smart women are called witches again,
Where science and thinking are illegal.

Will we go on in the future.
Will we go back in the past.

Only Time will tell and the future will show

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