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Poetry Contest Entry

Artist - Unknown

The Proverb Of Change

~By Amanda Sielu Paris

I'm afraid of change
Graduation was a change that was an end
But it was also a beginning
A beginning in the unknown

I had my identity all figured out
Now I wonder why I wanted to leave
My comfort zone was so small
Its' boundaries being within the town limits

I don't want to be left behind
I want to go forward past all expectations
I was able to do that before graduation
Why does it seem so hard now?

I want to do something with honor and pride
I want to do something few do in my town
So with my determination that got me that diploma
I'll push forward and enter the Armed Forces

Because I want stability
But I live in a world of change
And even the Armed Forces has a certain wave of change
Nothing is free of change

Nothing worth having is free of chance
Nothing worth doing is easy
Nothing has ever been climbed without a first
Nothing can get better without change

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