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Poetry Contest Entry

No Evil Frogs

Artist - Royce B. McClure
© 1999 Royce B. McClure

Nothing At All

~By Zahra

This is not a poem about love.
It is not a poem about lust, nor greed, nor want.
It is not a poem about pain and there are no angels mentioned.
Religion will not be discussed.

This poem will contain no profanities, no lewd innuendos,
and no smutty remarks about ladies' bosoms.
There will be no sex in this poem.

In this poem, no opinion will be offered on world famine,
nor the economic crisis facing third world countries.
This poem does not contain a "please call now" number.

This poem shall not partake in any wit,
it has no sense of humour whatsoever.
No laughing is permitted during the reading of this poem.

There are no children in this poem,
nor will you find any people of declining years.
No mid-life crises allowed.

Politics is a subject avoided by this poem,
and therefore no lies are contained within these words.
Scandal is not something this poem addresses.

Violence shalt not grace these phrases,
there will be no mention of war and disease will be completely ignored.
There are to be no deaths as a result of this poem.

There will be no sunrises in this poem.
The sun will never set, and not a bird shall sing.
Flowers of any sort are strictly forbidden.

The beach will not feature in this poem,
Nor will there be a high mountain peak or a bubbling creek.
Beauty has no place in this poem.

It is absolutely out of the question to mention any part of the human anatomy,
nostalgia is frowned upon and reflections of any sort will be prosecuted.
No happy memories, no wistful longings, no dark thoughts.
Nothing. Not even a frog on a lily pad.

There is to be absolutely no reference to anything whatsoever in this poem.

Thank you.

~ This poem is not intended to offend and is in no way aimed at any other piece of work entered in this competition. It is meant purely in jest as a light-hearted poke at poetry itself, it is not meant to undermine the wonderful work done by my fellow writers~

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