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Poetry Contest Entry

The Heart's Concern
Artist - Unknown

My Heart Crieth

~By Prophecy

My heart crieth out for you, will you wipe away every tear
Will you answer it's call to you, can I always have you near
My heart crieth for your love and affection, will you give it to me
Will you forever grace my sight so I can always have something beautiful to see

My heart crieth for hand, can I have it each day and night,
Will you let me kiss it, caress it and hold it ever so tight
My heart crieth for your walk, full of perfection and grace
Will you walk through my mind all day and take up all thoughts and space

My heart crieth for your smile will you put it on your face,
will you grant me eternal joy by never allowing it to erase
My heart crieth for your lips, will you let ours touch
will you let your tender lips send me to heaven, will you do that much

My heart crieth for your eyes, will you open so I can stare
and see that in you I have my peace, my love, and my ultimate care
As my heart crieth out, the cries from something that I lack
and it is you so will my heart crieth alone or will your heart crieth back?

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