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Poetry Contest Entry

Artist - Willi Schiener
© Willi Schiener

Graveclouds Solution

~By Munro

Silver spring, the origin of the simple sin.
Stubborn beings, simply thinking on there own and miss seeing.
Deaf to many mouths, Even when the whole world shouts.
Listen to begin your trail, or simply read the president's mail.

Look at the Innocent, instead of being blind.
Learn to follow the leafs, make a three by banning your misbeliefs.
Quit being so Stubborn, Stop creating wardom.
Graveclouds won’t solve our problems, Just cast us back into autumns.

Slowly we whisper away in despair, slowly we poison our air.
Fighting to find a last solution, but bind to our own execution.
Choosing between two sides of Death, just a simple lives theft.
Our unknown killer spreading fast, faster then a simple blast.

All we fall, as one by one, no longer the nation stands tall.
Peacefully lying on the Bed of Silence, Missing the Worlds Absence.
Walk into the open doors; will teach you more then a lives course.
But the world went insane and took all our lives away.

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