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Poetry Contest Entry

Floor Please
Artist - Unknown

Lights Above A Door

~By KC

Sprinting.Two steps at a time. The stairs creak as he bounds down them.
Lingering. Panicking, waiting impatiently.
He bashes the coin on the wall, rimmed with fire-all the while playing with the change in his pocket.
The fire extinguishes, metal slides apart, inner out of sync with outer, light flooding forth from the chamber.
The lyre playing, all is quiet. Polite silence, inside screaming in agony.
Almost praying that the strings of this puppet box would break.
Plummetting to the ground.

The two flickering, the one alight. Wishing, hoping it would not be a premonition.
She waits, fingers drumming out the song of a maybe dying love.
Plummetting to the ground.

Arising, moves to the entrances, chamber doors sliding open-searching for his face.
Drowning in a sea of just begun journeys.

The two flickers out. The one bursts into existence.
Pushing, shoving, politeness gone, out into the sea.
Searching, panicking, wanting only this.

A head turns, still looking, the lights meet. All is won.
Meeting, embracing, an old journey just begun.

Comments: Now that you've read it, think "guy in an elevator/lift".

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