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Poetry Contest Entry

Tears From Heaven
Artist - Guilty Pleasures
Guilty Pleasures

Stained Memory

~By Em

The tears I weep
Stained my pillows with memories.
The memories I should keep
Drip away
Although I hate to see him go
I can't help but know
About the stained memory upon my pillow case.

I keep his memory sacred
With the marks upon my face
The marks that make the people stare
Upon my gallient pace.
For now I hold his legacy on
But who's to say they'll understand
About the stained memory upon my grieving face.

Each tear marks his existance
With a fading stain of fear
The fear that he will leave me here
With no one but myself
For now the confusion has set in
About where he'll go and why
But all I know is what will keep his memory alive
For the people, they can see that he befriended me
And left behind his mark upon my heart and soul
I'll miss him so
But my own stained memory will be his one and only tribute.

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