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Poetry Contest Entry

Artist Unknown
Minibite's Heartache

Another Lonely Night

~ Tappir

Nobody sees, nobody cares,
loneliness waits at the top of the stairs,
as the light leaves the day and dark leads the way,
for Another Lonely Night...

A handsome young groom, a beautiful bride,
two hearts filled with hope and a dream at their side,
now the cold of alone, chills him down to the bone,
through Another Lonely Night...

He remembers the happiness her love could bring to him,
still feels the warmth of the arms that would cling to him...
The rains fall so cold, the winters are mean,
the castle's a house of cards without the queen,
while the king is confined, to just doing the time,
of Another Lonely Night...

Fills up his day, with things to be done,
feeling his way as he follows the sun,
never once looking back, at the on-coming black,
of Another Lonely Night...

The trees are too tall and there's over-grown greenery,
blocking his view of the beautiful scenery...
and he wonders, and he wonders, how that nothing's the same,
wonders how it all changed, suddenly...

Takes off the mask, by day, fits so well,
hangs up the smile that defies you to tell,
that it's not a charade and that he's not afraid,
of Another Lonely Night.

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