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Poetry Contest Entry

La Premier Baiser
Artist - Sanzio Raphael

Resurrection of the Inner Heart

~By Robert Griffith

In time this world around us we see,
Will find new meaning with you and me,
From our first encounter of this new earth,
We both have the chance to witness a birth.

A deeper new love between you and I,
No longer will our encounter end with a sigh,
For each evening when we say good night,
A warming glow will shine down upon so bright.

Lacking neither word nor coherent thought,
I found a special meaning within I sought,
Another emotion so powerful and meek,
Enough to make a river out of a small creek.

In her gentile face I see not a mask,
Rather a friend with a plentiful flask,
A sip of her warmth brings color to life,
With this sweet drink my soul knows no strife.

Over time this world has gone all around,
I know only happiness and my love abound,
To peace and fulfillness in this life ahead,
In her eyes my soul is no longer dead

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