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Poetry Contest Entry

El rapto del hombre
Artist - Lombarte


~By Craig Mallon

She cuts like a knife,
A razor through your heart,
You fall straight under her spell,
So well she plays her part,

You have no hope tonight,
You won't escape her charm,
Your a fallen man,
The moment you take her arm,

You thought you were faithful,
Well your in for a suprise,
She slips her arms round your waist,
She looks you deep in the eyes,

You want to run while you can,
Back to your lover's embrace,
Instead you pull her closer,
See the look on her face,

She wears a devlish smile,
As she steals your heart,
Just another victim,
Seduction is her art,

And still your baby's at home,
She wonders where you could be,
You step into her room,
And how you failed to see,

She had this planned from the start,
Only one thought in her head,
By the end of the night,
You'll be sharing her bed

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