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Poetry Contest Entry

Rock Towers of Rio Virgin
Artist - Thomas Moran

If I Were

~By Anlia Ryan O'Neill Soul-Reed

If I were the sun, I'd radiate the world
Warming stoic heartsturned cold
If I were the moon, the night would be mine
I would shine with luster of gold
If I were a mountain, I'd stand proud and tall.
Mother Earth would be my domain
If I were a cloud I'd soar over lands
And fill the seas with my rain.
If I were a bird, I would share my song
And explore the sweet world through flight.
My existence would be a dreamworld of sky.
My wings would be my sight.
If I were a flower, I'd bloom in the spring.
A white rose I would choose to be.
Splendor in the grass, a motion in the wind.
My beauty for all to see.
If I were a queen, I'd share my riches.
Mercy to all who approach my throne.
And if I were the ocean, I'd be might and strong.
And I would travel the world alone.

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