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Poetry Contest Entry

The Gothic Woods

Artist - Doug Oliver
© Art.com

The Pebble And The River

~By Riker1

This lonely pebble,
Being shaped and formed by the cutting waves,
Has nothing to fear,
It knows in the soft water, it will always be safe.

Rolling down the stream,
With much excitement,
The pebble can only imagine it's in a dream,
For on a spiritual mission it has been sent.

The crisp air rushing along,
Gives life to the river on and on,
As the lonely pebble braves it's way through,
It swims down the stream searching for you.

You stand by the shore breathing the crisp air,
Waiting for a sign to appear,
A sign of happiness and grace,
A sign to lead you to completion,
And look down upon the river,
You see that lonely little pebble running the race.

The pebble wanted to find you, as did the others,
For a pebble's life consists of you finding it in the water,
For you to hold it and comfort it,
And some day throw it back in the waves for another day,
Another day that same pebble might find happiness,
And you find your sign as well.

You both wanted the same thing,
To feel comfort and joy,
And to be wanted,
To be someone's friend
And to swim through that river of waves

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