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Poetry Contest Entry

Romantic Day

Artist - C. Jim Warren
© Art.com

If This Night Shall Fail Us

~By M@ble

Time fades,
And the sunset disappears on the horizon.
Looking into your eyes,
As they penetrate my soul,
And embrace my heart.

The ocean waves
Rage around us as we lie on the sand,
While the tide swiftly roles in.
But this goes unnoticed,
Your eyes have drawn me in
There can be no escape from their hypnotism,
As my lips meet yours,
In an intoxicating ecstasy
Which we hope will never end.

If this night shall fail us,
And the dawn comes too soon...
The stars stop shining,
Along with the glorious moon.
Your memory shall never pass on,
With the receding tide...
The touch of your lips will never fade off mine,
Nor will the strength in your eyes.

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