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Poetry Contest Entry

Artist - Claude Theberge

You and I

~By Rokanna

I understand
Sapphire dusk fading the laced squares upon the ground,
Late spring dimming spacious fields of gold,
In these are parts of you and I

The fresh scent of jasmine on a warm winds' refrain,
A silvery moon set into deep folds of airy grey,
Which forms the star-fringed shawl of you and I

Swishing leaves sifting into the sounds of sleep,
Their silent and colorful cry of death,
Carefully stealing slivers of you and I

I believe
The lands' distance only envelopes our state of mind,
The water inhabiting shore rushes to meet her equal,
As the rushing of you and I

The existence of time is to unveil purpose,
Everything that will occur has always been
And is in the destinies of you and I

I know
The selfish memories that burn and bless,
To be the reflection, interlude and foresight of eternity,
Already forseen in the reflection of you and I

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