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Poetry Contest Entry

Feel The Wind
Artist - C. Sontos
The Incredible Surrealism of CSONTOS.

Soul Wish

~By RoKanna

I have spoken of my endless devotion
Your uncaring response is my despair
If the Creator granted one wish
My love
I'd wish my soul into thin air.

For one does not see the wind
One sees the filling sails
And to you I am the unseen
My love
Not the floating gull but the gale.

And one does not hear the wind
One hears the rustling trees
And to you I am the unheard
My love
Not the whispering wood but the breeze.

And only as the wind would I be free
To gently tousle your hair
And softly brush your lips
My love
What but the wind would be there?

So if you spoke the unvarnished truth
That you and I could never be
I would live forever content
My love
To be simply the wind against thee.

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