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Poetry Contest Entry

Artist - Julia Margaret Cameron
Julia Margaret Cameron

What Do You Do?


What do you do when you know you're in love,
But the one that you love isn't there?
When you want to hold him in your arms,
But he's in anothers, does that seem fair?

What do you do when you could care for him,
But he doesn't know you exist?
Do you lie alone in your room at night,
And dream of the love that you've missed?

What do you do when your heart feels pain,
That you really do not understand?
Do you push the world out to be alone,
To be in your own private dreamland?

What do you do when you need someone,
Who can give you love and show you life?
Can you find a solution, an answer for yourself,
A way to end your desperate strife?

What do you do when you whisper softly,
To a picture's ears that never hears?
How do you convince yourself that things will get better,
When all you seem to do is cry tears?

So what can I do, how can I go on,
When he's not mine, not even in my dreams?
Please give me an answer, show me the way,
Is life much better than this all seems?

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