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Poetry Contest Entry

Under The Tree
Artist - Donna Green
Donna Green

Looking Back On Christmas Morning

~By Scamall

Open eyes, open ears,
Who's awake, who's asleep?
Did you hear a jingle jangle?
Yes outside the window, I'm sure!
Scurry, hurry to the glass,
Must have missed him in the tumble.

A snigger and feet hit the floor,
The boys are awake, no more sleep now.
A small voice at our door,
Can we come in?
There we are six expectant faces,
Wondering what wonders downstairs will bring,
Who'll get what, who'll swap, who to play with,
Singing softly Christmas carols,
Counting down the minutes,
One brave brother tries his luck,
Slowly creeping out of the room,
Suddenly swept up in a wave of siblings
Rushing to be first to reach the tree.

Tree and lights,
Presents, boxes,
Paper, angles, tinsel, gold
Mum and dad look on in wonder,
Beaming faces look with love.
Christmas morning is finally here.
Older now we gather together,
No more running, no more shouting,
Remembering what it once was like,
Christmas morning now so different.
Coming from our various houses,
Partners, girlfriends, boyfriends, friends
Join us as the family expands

Happy memories light the day,
Smiles at silly things we did,
But a tinge of sadness for a face not here,
The biggest change from long ago.
Christmas Morning never quiet the same now
Different, strange,
Less full of wonder.

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