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Poetry Contest Entry

Snow Storm
Artist - Unknown

a warm wind

~By Turlough


i trudge outside,
finding stinging cold
and ground covered
in dirty slush,
causing sudden danger
on bustling highways
and packed lots

the land seems
drained, stagnated, pale,
as if life
had given up
on Earth, and
taken up residence
on better worlds

car alarms sound,
shrill and angry,
but no-one cares
or indeed notices


people shift across
the blighted ground,
and each one
is a vessel
waiting for something
to finally fill
their empty space

their mind's navigator
is woefully blind
to the other
vessels around them

it is winter
in my heart

in my heart,
life seems absent
or somehow buried
under much regret,
frustration, and fear,
collected like impurities
in brackish water;
day after day
i drink more
in willful ignorance

one day soon,
i will expire
from slow poison


i arrive home
and something happens:
the wind changes,
the cold vanishes,
the sky clears

i stop briefly
before going inside,
and warm wind
brushes my face
like heaven's touch
in hell's depths

at that moment,
i wake up
and find spring
within my heart,
which was there
all the time

i smile contentedly,
and carry on

Comments: Originally penned a few years ago on a particularly bleak winter's afternoon. Still speaks to me on similar days...may it speak to you.

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