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Poetry Contest Entry

Love Light
Artist - Peter Quidley
© Art.com

A Toast

~By The Toast

I lift my glass to propose a toast,
filled with love that means the most.
For the times once neglected, many words left unsaid,
To the place in the heart, keeping tears as they’re shed.
For the unanswered questions, and the ones never asked,
To the chances untaken, and each moment to pass.
For the hardest of times, and to making it through,
To the hope and the faith, and the dreams that came true.
For the comfort, and kisses with the warmest embrace,
To the lifetime of struggle’s, and each fear left to face.
For the memories to cherish, and for motherly love,
To the angels in Heaven, and the Lord up above.
A mothers love that never dies

Comments: For my mom April 29 1954-May 4 2003

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