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Poetry Contest Entry

Tree and Santa
Artist - Neo-Neon Int'l Ltd
Neo-Neon Int'l Ltd

Neon Christmas

~By Ship_at_Sea

There was a Christmas Eve when I found myself alone.
My heart was filled with sorrow; had no friends to call my own.
I wanted someone's friendship but was old and had no money.
I walked into the kitchen for a cup of tea with honey.

While watering my kettle full, I lost my Christmas spirit.
I said, "There is no Santa Claus," and reached to grab a biscuit.
Then suddenly a red light glowed right through my window pane!
'Twas small and red and shiny as it crossed the traffic lane!

I heard a whoosh as red refelected, glowing in my eyes.
Behind the glow was Rudolph, laughing, skipping 'cross the sky!
When Santa filled my vision, I had rapture in my stare.
I said, "There is a Santa!," and no longer felt despair.

Walked into the parlor where I found a meal prepared.
With gifts beneath a tasseled tree, a red-globe by the ware.
Deep within the shiny globe, a tiny, red reindeer.
I grabbed my magnifier, "Merry Christmas--see you next year!"

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