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Poetry Contest Entry

The Chair
Artist - Munro

Faded Eyes

~By Munro

Even now you share my Memory.
Of the time we laughed away from Despair.
Wondering not about insanity but about Joviality.
Now I am looking at the skies seeing you smile upstairs.

Your eyes fade through the Clouds the day you went home.
I look for your hands and smell but they are both gone.
Scars are created and wounds operated.
Yet no doctor can stop the pain your runaway initiated.

Where is our breeze that embraced the Flower?
The flower of our hope that folded away in a stormy shower.
Standing on a field with no where to go.
Except to fade away and to go eventually home.

You must be an Angel with the smile you create.
Anger and sadness are starting to turn into my hate.
I go to sleep but when I do you let me rest on your wings.
Wings that softly kiss me to create spring.

You upheld my heart and my Soul.
Yet you went away and left my heart with a hole.
Come back to my fortune come back to my sight.
I believe we will promise to stay together in the light.

Please take me home to the place we will belong.
I know you make me dream to keep living and to stay along.
But I miss you a lot and no one can take away that part.
Send me an Angel, send me a Girl to restore all my Pieces of my Heart.

Thank you Angels and Thank you Stars.
When you all Heal me from these scars.
In my life I will always remember.
The smile you had was so Tender.

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