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Poetry Contest Entry

Blessings At Christmas
Artist - Thomas Kinkade
Thomas Kinkade

Throughout Life

~By Brandon

Throughout life there are pitfalls and things that try to drag us down;

Winters that our cold, singing the soft snow sounds;

Cold and sickness but beauty still remains, the soft color of your heart and the love that makes you stay;

together we drank chocolate , we smiled and ate cookies, I loved you when you laughed and we watched our favorite wookie;

Watching , Star Wars and Star Trek too , I remembered that all I wanted to do last year was do the same things but with you;

Together we love and face against life's challenges , dreaming the possiblilities making our cry loud, working hard and living to the fullest, my love is but an echo from my heart which is so much happier;

Now after 40 years we still sit down and are rocking back and forth listening to brave new sounds, triumphs and the passions when we sit back, remembering the time we put glue in Santa's sack;

I'm glad I met you and I'm here to happily say , I love oh how do I love you, on this beautiful Christmas day;

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