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Poetry Contest Entry

Artist - Patrick Ciranna
© Ciranna 1996

Unconditionally My Mother

~By April

I'd lay my life down on the line, to hear, "I Love You" one more time,
I'd take back some words, and add a few,
Apologize for all life’s put you through.
I'd hold your hand so desperately to express
what you have meant to me.
I can’t explain all I would do, for one more chance to honor you.
Five short minutes of one whole day, these words to you so proud
I'd say I Love You for believing, in who you knew that I could be,
I Thank You for being my eyes, when I was just too blind to see.
It was you who coaxed me through each struggle,
and walked me through the fear,
Taught me how to be strong, and cried with me each tear,
I Love You for your patience, dedicated with words so wise
I Thank You for the diamonds that will always sparkle in my eyes,
I Commend You for your kindness, a loving heart beyond
I've been proud of you always in case you weren’t aware,
Words cannot explain this woman like no other Priceless,
and everlasting, unconditionally, my mother…

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