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Poetry Contest Entry

Rocky Coast
Artist - Unknown

I'm Here

~By Robert Griffith

My life is a jumble,
I fear that I'll tumble,
Into the black abyss.

In my mind,
The fear that I find,
Cripples my heart and soul.

I know you're here,
You have my ear,
Make the pain go away.

If there's an answer,
What's the solution?
Should I crumble and fall?

With a loud rumble,
My world seems to stumble,
I see the pain disappear.

Now I'm here,
There I am,
A newborn man alive.

Who to turn to,
Who to love,
What's the answer my dear?

It eases my mind,
To leave it behind,
All the pain is gone.

Now all the answers,
Just seem so clear,
I live in peace at last.

The sun's come out,
My heart feels fine,
Thank you for this time.

The solution is here,
My answers I see,
They all lead right to you.

I don't know why,
I feel this way,
My heart beats faster every day.

Each word is true,
All this world is new,
And in it I love you.

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