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Poetry Contest Entry

Artist - Ty Wilson
© Art.com

A Night To Remember

~By Hal Horn

Stars twinkle above us as we slowly stroll through the green, lush park.
Hands entwined, we look into each otherís eyes,
Watching each otherís emotions play through our eyes.
Unknown and unwatched a comet lazily stretches across the velvet night sky,
Trying but not succeeding in outdoing the beauty in your soul.
With love causing our souls to shine, I gently touch my lips to yours,
Delighting in their softness, and relish in their uniqueness.
My eyes tell you of the love in my heart for you,
Noticing the comet, I silently whisper in your ear, that nothing ever made can compare with your beauty.
Gently brushing your lips again, I watch the moonís soft rays caress and highlight your hair,
As if the moon itself is trying to become one with your beauty.
With hands still entwined, we continue on through the park, as the end of the park edges into view,
I whisper into your ear that I love you, and will always cherish you.

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