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Poetry Contest Entry

Stonehearth Hutch
Artist - Thomas Kinkade
Thomas Kinkade



Snow everywhere,
Snow up the road, where it slides between small houses and shops.
Snow in the park where it melts among the swings and slides, and the road side pollution of a great (and dirty) town.
Snow on the Cheshire fields; snow on the Cheshire heights falling into the gardens of houses.
Snow lying out in the street and covering the dirty roof tiles of big shops;
Snow melting in the drains of a wide wet road.
Snow falling on the old and cold pensioners; coughing in the freezing air;
Snow cruelly pinching the fingers and toes of the little boy making a snowman.
Chance people on the bridge looking into a white snow covered lake.

Cheshire buried in a frozen blanket of snow and ice.
Snow on the church roof tops sliding gently down on a cold snowy Christmas day.

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