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A Catastrophic Request From This Little Girl

~By J. Fisher

Please Lord
Don't make me regretful
Of the things I haven't done
Before I have a chance to do them
Don't cast a spell on me
For the punishment of being ordinary
Paints a crimson sign
On the bareness of my chest
For the world to see

Please Lord
Don't make me resentful
Of the things I couldn't do
Or wouldn't do
For every reason or for none
I have worked hard
To give you the good parts of me
Through prayer and through poetry
I have bared my soul to you

Please Lord
Don't let me fail
All that I have
Is not much at all
I have no luxury or cure for disease
I have no secret address or mysterious occupation
I have no secrets from you
Only from myself
And before this moonlight
On my hands and knees
I give into the world
All that I am
And ask only for 1 chance in return

Please Lord
Don't let me lose
I am everything and nothing
To the small world around me
But I have desire and ambition
And enough passion to set myself aflame
These eyes have seen much
And these hands have helped many
The differences I have made
Have meant something to some
And everything to me

Please Lord
I ask you
To look down on me
And watch for these things
Pay close attention
To the detail and nature
Of my everyday
And perhaps you will see
All that I see
All that I create
With these two small hands
And in return
You may decide
To fill them
With the destiny
I know I am ready for

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