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Poetry Contest Entry

Faith In America

Artist - Donald Zolan

My Flag

~By Emily Cole

Riding the back of the wind,
The emblem of our land.
From the iron gray and salty sea,
To the mountains and the sand.

You have been ripped by war.
Battered and bruised and torn.
Hatred has mangled you; evil has strangled you,
Bloodshed disgraces your elegant form.

Nevertheless, you fly,
To symbolize what we will be:
We will stand, hand in hand,
Showing the world our liberty!

What a beautiful emblem you are,
How tall and majestic you stand.
You are stately and just,
And spread courage throughout my land.

This is my symbol of hope.
This is my symbol of pride.
This is my symbol of freedom,
And the love for my land that I feel inside.

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