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Poetry Contest Entry

Musical Interlude
Artist - © Atmara Rebecca Cloe.
Available for use by permission only.

A Musical Interlude

~By Faye Polson

I wrote for you a musical interlude,
The rhyming scheme wasóto put it flatlyócrude.
Permit me an intermission to sing you the score,
Everyone please note, I have the floor.
It was easy to tune but hard to compose,
Beethoven Iím not as everyone knows.
A chord or two were done in good time,
But it took a sharp wit for the rest of my rhyme.
Orchestrated for fun,
By the beat of a different drum.
Itís best I continue and move along with the task,
Lest I cause treble for me with the brass.
Stage left. Stage left? Stage left.
Oh pardon me that says cleft.
A moment please, Iíll be right Bach.
It seems the janitor lost the key to the lock.
Ladies and Germs, oboes and flutes.
My piece is not done the next movementís a hoot.
A poem without symbols or a classical verse,
No bells or whistles, no need to be terse.
Itís time to jazz up this song of played sound.
The amplitude is soon to abound.
A symphony of words, a harmony of songs,
A trumpet of music, a chorus of dongs.
Record my rhythm, record my rhyme,
If you know the tune please join in the chime.
Have you ever heard as much wind on this scale?
The bass of my poem is a pun without fail.
Iíll blast out a hymnal on my trusty old horn,
Iíll take the rap if it sounds too forlorn.
My melody so sweet, donít harp on it please,
Listen, no noise! My instrumentís on key.
Give ear to my drum, its percussion so neat.
With my pick of guitar Iím not easy to beat.
My medleyís near over, my medleyís soon done.
So donít string me up, I donít want to be hung.
In audition to cheer give a big hand,
Give a loud roar for my one woman band.
Now to take my bow and from the stage Iíll soon budge,
Before I go rememberÖevery good boy deserves fudge.

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