Greetings and welcome to Outpost 10F's own personal tinsel town, the Film Guild. Are you tired of all the overhyped movies and want to know what real people, other OTFer's think of it, then you've come to the right place. We have reviews of movies both old and new located by category and then by title. Did you see a movie that you adored and we don't have a review for it, or did the review you read here not convey everything it needed to say, we'd love another, feel free to use the navigation bar to go to the submission form.

Are you curious about the latest DVD releases, you can find them here every Tuesday in line for U.S. DVD releases. We don't just have your normal run of the mill American made films, we even have information about the latest released foreign language films. Not to mention we have TV on DVD information.

Looking for a biography on your favorite Director, Actor, Producer or Animator? Looking for spoilers and trailors of upcoming movies? The Film Guild, a part of Outpost10F's Guilds' Department is the place for you.

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