Guilds Standard Operating Procedures

Applications: All applicants must use the main Guilds application form. This is sent through the managers and then on to the Team Leaders. Any application outside this will not be considered “official.” The Team Leader will email the management team (SM and ASM’s) once someone is accepted into a guild. The management will then send a welcoming letter to both the applicant and the Team Leader, and add the new member to the appropriate mailing lists.

Monthly Reports: Team member reports will be sent via the reporting system to the designated Assistant Manager for review and compilation. The compiled report will be reviewed by the management team, then used to update OTF’s report system.

Promotions: Promotions are not the main point of the work we do for the Guilds and OTF, but they are one way in which our efforts are recognized by the community. It is the duty of all Senior Officers (CL5+) to recommend others for promotions. Each Team Leader should provide promotion and award recommendations as part of their monthly reports. The management team will discuss whether to endorse recommendations. All leaders should submit personal recommendations for the officer in question. The senior manager will submit any additional details and award suggestions to the Promotions/Awards committee.

New Projects: All members are welcome and encouraged to submit ideas for new projects! Project proposals will be sent to the management team, who will then either approve/deny said project. Projects will then be submitted to the OTF Projects Committee for their approval and then given an ID#. No work will begin on new projects until the ID# is given to the managers and Team Leaders. Projects will not be released to OTF patrons until approved by management, who will look at things like design, content and spelling. It may also be put out on the main Guilds mailing lists for any feedback from the rest of Guilds members.